Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9 Months

Guess what I'm doing right now? Typing on a computer! *cheers*
My husband heard my desperate outcry for a new computer when he found me screaming at the Ipad last time I blogged. Actually that's not entirely true, the new Elder Scrolls game came out and he needed a computer to play it. I just like to pretend I'm special! But whatever right! I'm back, and better than ever still breathing. So yeah...

9 months! Holy cow we've been keeping these kids alive for 9 whole months. Go us! What can I possibly say about them being nine months? Well for starters, THIS IS THE BEST AGE EVER! And I actually mean that. To be honest everything before this was tedious, and draining. I know there are some mothers and fathers out there who love the little baby stage, but we're not really those people. I do miss the fact that when I used to leave them in a spot and turn around they were still in that spot, but I can deal with them wondering around the house. So here are some things they started doing that has made my life so much easier/better:

They hold their own bottles. 
Ok they've been doing this for a while, but I can't tell you how much easier this makes my life. Feeding two at once used to be a challenge, but now it's so much easier.

They're BOTH crawling!
 Clive has been crawling for over a month now, but Scarlet wasn't mostly because she knew I would carry her wherever she wanted to go. But I guess she got tired of Clive stealing her toys and crawling just out of her reach, so she decided to crawl. It literally took her less than a week to be awesome at it. She was totally holding out on us.
I left them in the living room for two seconds and came back to find them both in the kitchen

The playroom is set up and fully functional.
So I know they didn't really do this, but we did and I'm so happy we've got it completed! Now they play in there, their toys don't leave, and we can contain the mess and the noise into one room.

They entertain themselves and each other.
Speaking of the playroom, when they get bored of hanging out with us in the living room now they can just crawl over to their playroom and start playing. It's pretty nice, but it makes us feel like losers because sometimes we want to hang out with them and they're all like "um whatever, you're lame Mom & Dad. I'm gonna go play with my hippo." Also, they have this fascination with our patio door. Sometimes they'll crawl over to it and just stare out the window for a good 5-10 minutes and "talk". It's weird, but whatever, it makes them happy.
Clive staring out the window, just staring... 

Last, but not least, they look super adorable in costumes! Ok that's not really a part of being 9 months, but I had to incorporate Halloween in here somehow so stop judging me!

PS- We'll be starting to plan their first birthday in less than 3 months, and being the procrastinating mother that I am I totally won't have a theme picked out in time. If you can think of a cute theme post it in the comments and if it's good then we'll use it! You're welcome.


  1. You should do Dr Seuss, Thing One and Thing Two. I'm sure if you google it you can find some great ideas.

  2. They are cute! My daughter was a hot dog for her first Halloween as well.

  3. Can't wait to see them. Oh, and y'all too!