Tuesday, August 9, 2011

6 months old

Yesterday my babies turned 6 months old, and I celebrated with a margarita snow cone from Bahama Bucks. I added tequila to it when I got home because I just made it through 6 months without losing it, or losing them. Winning! I’m excited Tim and I have made it this far, we deserve a freakin medal! I wish they made twin mom medals, that’s going into my idea folder.
I remember being pregnant with them not to long ago and answering all the annoying questions, and wishing that they were here so I wouldn’t have to answer them anymore. But guess what, they’re here and I’m still answering them.  Here’s a quick summary of their stats and common questions I get asked, I’m writing this for you random lady at Home Depot.
  • 1.      She is older by 3 minutes.
  • 2.      Yes they are twins.
  • 3.      He is bigger by 5oz.
  • 4.      I know they’re small, yes I’m feeding them.
  • 5.      No I didn't use fertility treatments.
  • 6.      No twins don’t run in our family.
  • 7.      No I don’t know how I do it either.
  • 8.      I’m glad you never had twins too.
  • 9.      No I don’t want to hear about how your cousin’s, sisters, next door neighbor had twins in a shopping mall (true story).
  • 10.   They don’t talk, so stop trying to make them say things like “bye bye”. Oh and repeating it over and over again doesn't do anything, it just gets on my nerves and forces me to walk away even faster.
  • 11.   No they are not identical, she has hair, he’s bald, his face is round, hers is ovalish, her hair is dark, his hair is light, and of course HE’S a BOY and SHE’S a GIRL. Use your imagination here.

It’s crazy having twins, life is chaos at times but then you have incredibly sweet moments and you realize all the hard times are worth it. Then they spit up on you and laugh about it (my babies can be jerks). 
Sweet Scarlet

Scarlet throwing a fit

Happy Clive in the morning

Clive getting upset because he can't eat the Starbucks cup

Saturday morning smiles

Saturday afternoon chaos 

Life is good. 

PS- For those of you who read my blog about the stupid photo shoot and want to check out the pictures Tim took of the coffee click here. They turned out pretty good, but it still took 2 hours! Not cool. 


  1. You are AWESOME!! I am so proud of you!! I know that this has been one of the hardest times of your life but also one of the sweetest times too!! I so blessed by you and your honesty and praise the Lord that there are other moms like me that have good days and bad days! I love you!

  2. Congrats Jamie!! You are definitely winning with a margarita snow cone with tequila and twins... that's awesome. :] Love the pics of the kiddos!

  3. I just found you through your guest post on Elle's blog...I guest posted for her a month or so ago. LOVE your sense of humor :) I am a boy/girl twin (I'm the girl) and am cracking up at your list. I just blogged about being a twin and stupid questions that come with that a few weeks ago:


  4. Aww...they grow up oh so fast. Really a shopping mall. Well my water broke at the mall and at first I thought I peed my pants.

  5. I LOVE the Saturday chaos photo...sibling love...priceless.

  6. They are getting so big. :) I may be turning to you when I have kiddos...though that is probably far away from now. You will be a professional by then. LOL

  7. Haha!!! I LOVE this! So great!! You mean your twins are not identical?? How can that be?? LOL!!! I get so tired of the annoying questions and statements too. "Just you wait until BLAH BLAH BLAH" shut up!!! Enough!

    --Kate (from Mummers!)