Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ask Jamie

I know your thinking to yourself "Two blogs in one day??? This is awesome, what did we do to deserve this?" Well nothing, stop being selfish, this is about me.

Today starts the first day of my parenting advice column at This is Mommyhood called Ask Jamie.

Do you need parenting advice? Well you've come to the right place. Ask me anything and I'll tell you how I (an expert) would handle it. Anything from fussy infants, to terrible toddlers, even tweens and teens is game. I'm like super nanny on steroids.

Ask Jamie!

Disclaimer: This advice is meant to be for entertainment purposes only.


  1. Best advice EVER! lol The next time he's punished, I post photos of the humiliation for you.

  2. Jamie,

    I read your blogs today, and you are hiliarous girl. Haha, see you soon!