Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm totally That Person

*Disclaimer* This blog was written by a person suffering from sleep deprivation and may or may not make sense. You have been warned.

Ok so don't judge me, even though I know you totally will, but last night I went to the midnight premiere of Twilight's Breaking Dawn Part 1. 

Yes, that's right, I'm that crazy person who, when tickets came out, made sure to get the 12:01 showing on the very day they were available for sell... back in September! We ordered our special Twilight tee shirts (we get one every year) and wear them while we sit in a theater packed with equally and sometimes more insane girls anxiously waiting for the midnight premiere. But the best part about the whole thing is I'm not alone! AND I'm not the craziest one!!!! 

 Some of those girls scare me with how much they're invested in this. They proudly bring their Edward or Jacob covered bedspread to wrap themselves up in, dress up as characters in the movie, and sometimes even bring a life size cardboard cut out of the characters along with them! It's beyond insane. 

This was my 3rd year to go and as usual the crowd never ceases to amaze me. We arrived around 4pm and we weren't even the first ones in line, not even close.

Also, I may or may not have gotten into an argument with a freshman girl...
As we were sitting in line we couldn't help but hear a conversation that went like this "OMG it would be soooooo cool if in the last movie she chose Jacob". 

 So I turned to her and said "Are you serious, Edward’s the baby daddy, why would she leave him? Plus have you even read the book? It's based off of the book" (Idiot)

 And then she said "Jacob could be the father" 

And then I said "To a baby he's in love with??!! Seriously??!!" 


One of my favorite parts of all is when we're all sitting in the theater, waiting for the movie to begin and the girls in there start chanting "Team Jacob" and another half starts chanting "Team Edward" and it just goes on and on until all of our ears are numb and their voices finally give out. Why was this my favorite part? Because we were finally in the freaking theater after HOURS of waiting on the cold ground, which I think they make us do just so we can be tortured and prove ourselves to truly be hardcore. I mean as hardcore as a Twilight fan can get. Plus it meant we were closer to seeing the movie, Which by the way was FANTASTIC disappointing.

I laughed in parts of the scenes that were meant to be serious (the robot voiced wolves scene) because they way they chose to shoot them was ridiculous! And *Spoiler Alert* the scenes where the venom is running through her body was fine the first time, but by the third time I wanted to shout "OMG we get it, she's turning into a vampire and the venom is inside her!!!!".

I've defended the movies for years now, but this one is nearly indefensible. The majority of the movie was good, but the bad parts made it so awful that I'm having trouble seeing past them. The poor acting I can get past, but for a talented director to take this movie that CAN afford to be not amazing and make it a piece of crap is truly amazing to me.   After sharing my opinion with several people, most have asked me if I will go to the midnight showing next year, and my answer is yes. I don't have too much hope for part 2, because it was shot by the same director, but for my friends and I it's more about the experience. This next year will mark our 4Th year going to the midnight shows together, and each year we build fun memories. We make new friends as we wait in line, and get to spend hours together talking and laughing. It's a great experience, and although I'm not happy with the overall movie I'm excited for the next one, the last one, so we can do it one final time. 

 So yeah, that was my night. It's now Friday and I'm exhausted because I got like 4 hours of sleep, and for some reason my twins just don't seem to care. Rude much? But they're still cute so I guess it's ok. Now please enjoy some nerdy pictures from last night, but try not to be enraged with envy, for your sake not mine.
Waiting for the movie to start and why YES that is an Insta-Bench. It's seats up to six people and we sat proudly on it. Thanks Britt!
Us upstairs with the Breaking Dawn poster. In our matching shirts.We are full of Awesome.

Whitney and I in our matching tee-shirts

Sitting on the Insta Bench with a new friend we made while waiting in line

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  1. I need an Insta-bench. This is brilliant.

    As for the movies & books, I find them highly questionable at best, horrifyingly bad at worst, but I can completely understand wanting to go and make memories with the girlfriends. Besides, there's nothing like some Crazy Watching to make a girl laugh.