Saturday, December 31, 2011

A little bit of everything

Disclaimer* I wrote this in under 45 min. both babies are sleeping. It's a miracle so I'm rushing. If this doesn't make sense, well then now you know why.

So I know that I probably should be recapping 2011, posting on what resolutions I'm hoping to accomplish this year, but I'm behind on blogging so I'm going to do Christmas and a little bit of everything. Here goes! 

This was our babies first Christmas, and it was AMAZING. Last year I was miserable, fat, and a huge downer because I was so uncomfortable. It was one of the worst Christmases for me just because I was pregnant. This year however I decided that no matter what it would be the best Christmas of my life, and it was. First off, it snowed. Now for my readers who have no idea where in the heck Midland TX is, it's simply in the desert. We've been through the worst drought this past summer in years, and we hardly EVER get snow so this is big news for us.  I don't know how much we got because even though I love snow, I hate to go out in it. I don't have pictures because it annoys me that bad. I didn't step outside, so just visualize snow on a house. 

Visualize here

Anyways getting back to Christmas. My husband did good this year, and by that I mean all my presents were homemade with love. For those who don't know my Robot well, he's crazy smart. Like so smart it makes me sinfully mad at times. Anything he wants to try he'll just try and be amazing at it. It's annoying. My point is he's talented at everything, including making me things. This year he went onto my Pintrest boards and used those ideas to make my presents. It was the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received! 
Now please keep in mind my pictures don't look as good as the ones pinned but I'm too lazy to take pictures on Tim's nice camera. 

My picture frames he made me for our bedroom that we're redoing

This is a really bad picture of it, but it's a sign with a Bible verse on it, and an old framed painting that I'm turning into a tray. Now that I'm looking at these I probably should get up and take a new picture, but the babies are totally going to wake up soon so use your imagination again here. 

And they were wrapped up in this bad boy! 

And I have a dresser coming up too, but he couldn't sneak it away without me know because my clothes are in it and I might notice it. So yeah... it was awesome. 

Now to the babies and Tim. They love Christmas (I mean I'm assuming Clive and Scarlet do, they looked happy at least) so it was great for them. Clive and Scarlet had no idea what was going on, why everyone was staring at them, and why they got to chew on paper, but they were all like best Christmas ever Mom. Oh and they got new toys which they didn't notice for at least a day because they were busy with the paper and boxes. Typical. 

She kept trying to put the bow on her head

They loved playing with the lights

Tim took the rest of these as you can probably tell

And that was our Christmas. It was relaxed, low key, and special. I loved every moment of it, and will forever cherish the memories we made. 

Now for New Years! We're hanging out with family tonight and heading home early. It's the first time since I was 18 that we're not going to any big parties or hosting one. It's weird, but it's also a sign of how our lives have drastically changed in the past year. It's been the craziest, most frustrating, loving, amazing year. We've grown so much this past year in our marriage and in ourselves. I could go on and on about how our lives differ and my hopes and dreams for 2012, but I hear Clive starting to wake. I will say this, if 2012 half as good as 2011 was we will still be blessed beyond measure. 

Have a safe and happy new year!  

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