Friday, December 23, 2011

What in the world?!

So as we all know and are constantly reminded, it's Christmas time which means shopping for that perfect gift for that special someone. But sometimes you wonder who the hell would buy these things.

Take the Unicorn Pony Cycle for example. I mean, come on. Who buys this for their children? I mean unless they don't mind their kids being the weird kids on the block riding a unicorn instead of a normal bike. Just pin a kick me sign on the poor kids back already! 

And this, seriously. It's suppose to be a pillow, and I would NEVER want either of my kids sleeping on a monster who got it's ass kicked. It's scary and sad at the same time.  

Ok I admit I didn't find this for sale, it was in someones office but I have to post it because I'm convinced it stared straight into my soul. 

Santa had too many cookies and he's also way too over priced for just being a weebly wobble Santa.

Army of creepy doll candle holders anyone? Great for making guests feel uncomfortable. 

This guy. This guy was not for sale, he was actually hanging in a restaurant I was having breakfast at. He's creepy, he's like a possessed elf. Plus I know he was totally judging me for eating that super unhealthy breakfast bagel. He made me feel like a fatty and therefore he's making the list. Jerk. 

Last but not least there's this gem, Santa holding baby Jesus. I totally missed that part in the Christmas story, but it must be true because my friend Anna (who also found that statue) bought me this

Santa was there for the birth of Jesus. We need to update the Bible asap! 

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas this year! And if anyone buys any of these please contact me asap, I need to get into your mind for medical reasons. 

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