Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 months

First and foremost, I've been a horrible blogger. I wish I could say "Oh I'm just sooo popular, everyone is begging to hangout with me, I just haven't found the time". But honestly, my life is really boring right now so I just haven't written lately. That's the truth. But it's better to fake it then to not do it all all (that's what she said, pun intended). Moving on...

10 months, holy crap ya'll we hit double digits and not one CPS report to date. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we still have 17.16 more years. * Side note- I didn't do the math on that, my robot did. Pays to marry a robot*

 Umm let's see, they're getting cuter. I mean I know that's what a lot of people say, but it's true. 
Scarlet's new thing is to play peek-a-boo with us. Not because she thinks it's fun, but she loves our reaction. We're easily amused. 

They do cooler things, like stand on their own, actually just Clive is doing it. Scarlet just perfected pulling up by herself. It turns out though she's been doing this at daycare for a couple of weeks, but she refused to do it at home. Mostly because she knows I'll pull her up whenever she asks screams at me. Clive on the other hand just stands on his own at random times. Tim's trying to teach him to walk, but I'm not ready for it because he's my baby (literally he was baby B). Plus that means he'll be able to run soon, and that sounds like a nightmare.

Here's a video of Clive standing up for the first time. We were pretty impressed, it's ok if you're not as impressed as we were. 

They're getting into more and more things, and it's frankly getting on my nerves. I know a lot of people tell me "oh just get use to it" to which I would love to reply something that I cannot type right now because I'm working on cussing less... but you get my point. 
Why yes those are wires in the background. Thank you for noticing! 

It's getting more and more fun to do embarrassing things with them. For example:
I can't wait till they go on their first date and I bust out this picture and say "moo moo buckaroo". Best future day EVER.

And that's about it. It's been 10 months, I'm kicking ass at this whole mothering thing. Take notes. 

PS- I just have to say to the person who found my blog by Googling "my licence" + "handcuffed me" I hope everything works out. And yes, that speaks to the nature of my blog and I couldn't be more proud.