Monday, December 19, 2011

That Awkward Moment When...

Disclaimer: Yes these have all happened to me. I hope you will feel better about your life. You're welcome . 

That awkward moment when...

  • You tell a very conservative Christian friend who can potentially recommend you for a job "I'm the funniest f'ing person you will ever meet"

  • You think a door is automatic so you stand there in front of it, waving your arms like an idiot only to have a kind old man pass you and open the door for you. And as you walk away you know he's wondering what you've been smoking that day. 

  • Your husband catches you blasting music in the house, after you've repeatedly told him not too. 

  • Someone shows up at your house unexpectedly and your bra from yesterday is hanging over the kitchen chair.

  • Someone you've been expecting shows up and your bra from yesterday is hanging over the kitchen chair. 

  • Your child spits up on someones brand new something. 

  • Your phone rings in church, and it's not on silent.

  • You tell a joke, and no one laughs. 

  • Someone asks your opinion concerning the topic they've been talking about but you weren't listening and have no clue what to say. *Can also apply this too when you don't understand the subject that was being discussed. 

  • Your baby falls off a chair at your husbands company Christmas party                                 *Side note- she fell onto very soft grass thankfully. Still embarrassing, totally not winning mother of the year now. 

  • You send an email about something personal and super inappropriate to the wrong coworker. 

  • A Preacher says during a wedding  "Marriage is hard. It's always going to be hard. You have to get use to it. Neither one of you has experienced anything as hard as this until now" and you immediately think "that's what she said" and you begin to quietly laugh uncontrollably and have to pretend like your crying because people around you are starting to stare.      *This has also happened during group prayers. I'm doomed. 

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