Monday, August 15, 2011


I was trying to think of something cool to write about this week, but I couldn’t come up with anything, mostly because I had a boring weekend. I know, I know  your saying to yourself “but Jamie you live such a glamorous and exciting life”. That’s true but very false. So since I didn’t have any funny adventures I’m going to give you a small glimpse into my world.

I wish I could come up with something to say that was fun that happened with him this weekend, but truthfully he was crazy fussy all weekend. I think it’s teething, but if it’s not I’m totally ordering an exorcism for him! Plus his eyes started glowing when you take a picture. Tim swears it’s just the flash, but I’ve watched a lot of horror movies and I know when you kids start acting funny you take it serious.
See little glowing eyes!

Oh crap, and I totally forgot that he also turned into a creepy doll for a few seconds!

Scarlet was the same as always, just kind of a round and little smiling blob of cute. Of course she gave up that cute last night around midnight when she decided it was time to play and cried for us to entertain her. She has stayed up late all night this past weekend and of course refused a nap. It’s times like these when that bottle of baby Benadryl looks tempting…
She was being so cute and trying to eat a part of her bouncer seat

Later that night she decided she wanted to stay up later than usual because she had important things to do rather than sleep like try and eat her pajama sleeve.

That’s right I’m writing about you bwhahaha!  Actually he was really boring too. Moving on.

Overall that was my weekend. Two crazy babies and a whole lot of nothing exciting going on. I promise I’ll go back to being funny as soon as something funny happens (I’m talking to all of my close friends aka my BFFF’s who have made resolutions to keep me interesting. You guys are failing. That’s right I’m calling you out. BAM!).

PS- My house is haunted again. More on that developing story later. 

PSS- A huge congrats to Ivan and Beatrice on their newest bundle of joy! She’s beautiful! 


  1. wait till Clive starts picking his nose and eating'll wish you were back to the creepy doll days.

  2. haha your probably right Abby!

  3. I so miss that age....when my little girl couldn't walk and cause havoc.

    I hear ya on the baby benadryl. If a little one doesn't nap, beepity bleep! ;)