Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Go The F To Sleep

Go the F to Sleep is the most brilliant “children’s book” on the face of this planet. When I first heard about this book I thought to myself “Oh My Gosh, who would ever buy this book? Any parent who buys this would surely have to be beating their kids with a metal rod or something!!!” But then I regained my sense of humor and quickly ordered it. When it came in the mail I was giddy with excitement and squealed like a child on Christmas morning. However, soon after reading it though I was plagued by guilt, after all what if my children one day thought that's what I thought about them. There were curse words (gasp!) and parents not playing happy and whimsical games with their children (double gasp!). These parents were just annoyed, exhausted, and pleading with their child to sleep, when in reality they should be rocking and loving them 24/7, with unsurmounted enthusiasm right? And then I was all like oh wait, I think that exact same way when it’s 3am and both children are yelling with delight because they think it’s playtime. It’s pretty damn annoying and I want them to Go the F to sleep! This book is awesome because at some point or another I thought these very same terrible things about my children. It puts in words exactly how I feel. I highly recommend it to any parent who, like Tim and I, suffer sleepless, seemingly endless nights and need a little adult pick me up (minus the vodka). 

Me reading the book to Clive and hoping he get's the message so I can sleep tonight!

But instead he decided to eat the book. Looks like another sleepless night. Crap.

And random Scarlet picture. I just had to share it because she looks so adorable! She actually sleeps (take note Clive).

Disclaimer: No babies's minds were permanently harmed in the making of this blog post. They'll forget all about it tomorrow. 


  1. awesome girl i enjoyed reading

  2. hahaha!! I SO need to see this book... :)

  3. I read this book on my Nook, hilariouss!