Monday, August 29, 2011

Spa Day

I had a spa day Saturday because I deserve one more than anyone else in the world. Did I mention I had twins??? I laugh at your one baby, bahaha! Ok maybe not, but I really needed a massage. Before the twins were born and while I was pregnant I was constantly getting massages, facials, pedicures, etc… and now that they’re here this has greatly diminished into NEVER getting one (confession: I still get a pedicure every other week, so I guess that’s not entirely true). So, Saturday I decided to get a salt scrub, mud wrap, and hot stone massage. A little bit about me really quick: I don’t relax, period. By that I mean I don’t know how. I’m not a person who meditates or does yoga or has quiet time. My mind literally never quits running and I've never been able to make it calm down. So what does that mean for you??? Why that means I analyzed everything about my spa day and you get to read my list. Lucky you!

  • 1.      The Salt scrub doesn't smell salty. It smells minty, naming fail.
  • 2.      Those mats with the big rocks on them don’t always have the rocks glued down,caution while stepping into the shower!
  • 3.      Why don’t they glue those stones down??? And who came up with that??? It freakin hurts!
  • 4.      Where can I get one of those spa robes? It feels like the world’s softest baby lamb was slaughtered just for me :)
  • 5.      I’m probably way too comfortable with my body. No one should be this comfortable after having twins. No one.
  • 6.      Mud wraps make me feel weird, like I’m a burrito wrapped in foil waiting to be eaten by a giant cannibal.
  • 7.      I wonder what the mud tastes like, it smells like chocolate after all.
  • 8.      The mud doesn't taste good.  Don’t try it.
  • 9.      It’s not helpful to think about the Psycho stabbing scene when you’re sitting in a steam shower all by yourself and you can’t see more than a foot in front of you.
  • 10.   I want a steam shower in my house, even though I might be stabbed in it. That thing is so awesome, it’s worth a stabbing.

 My spa day was really relaxing and afterwords I felt ready to take on the world! But after an hour of being home I was ready for another spa day. 

Scarlet and Clive both wanted to play with the phone part and Clive kept hitting Scarlet's hand thinking it was part of the game and caused her to throw a fit. 

Clive somehow found his way under my TV stand and was playing with his toy

Tim won the award this weekend for worst moment. His shirt says it all... 

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  1. haha!
    My fav parts:
    A dead lamb slaughtered just for me...LOL!
    I smells minty - naming fail!
    It's worth a stabbing!