Thursday, September 8, 2011

7 months

My sweet babies are 7 months today. It’s been a wild ride, and I honestly am surprised I’ve made it this long seeing as their sole mission in life is to destroy me! We have our good and bad days and then we have our Great days. They’re growing up so fast and every milestone is a bitter sweet moment, because I’m excited for them to grow up and discover, but I’m selfishly not ready for them to stop being my babies. Here are a few milestones we’ve hit so far (it’s nothing too exciting for anyone but Tim and I and being first time parents we’re beyond proud. You, not being their parent, will probably be bored.).

 We painted Scarlet's toenails for the first time

 I'm increasingly breaking up more fights. It's mainly Clive attacking Scarlet though. I think he's jealous because she has hair. 

 Scarlet enjoying her first taste of a Starbucks scone. 

 She pooped shortly after this. I don't know why I included it, it's just a cute picture. 

 We lowered Clive's crib last night and it's like a little jail cell that he loves.

 Thug Clive

 Happy Thug Clive
 They were playing together one morning and it was cute, until he pounced on her too hard and she started screaming bloody murder. 
 We put Scarlet in a shopping cart for the first time and she loved it. Either that or she loved Target almost as much as I do. 

Clive screaming a victory scream because he pulled up on his crib 

 Thug Scarlet. She will shank you. 

They went for a jog with daddy for the first time and loved it. 

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