Monday, September 19, 2011

And then we almost burned down our freakin house!

It was an interesting weekend moment at our house this weekend. It all started when my dad came over Friday night and burned important papers in our grill (they’re burned now thieves, so don’t go trying to look through it). Tim decided the next day that he was going to cook out, but after checking the grill he discovered that there was still a small fire going underneath the ashes. So he came inside, started the oven and gave Clive a bath. I went into the babies nursery to hang out with them and help get Clive dressed. That’s when I noticed a HUGE fire outside of their nursery window! I screamed "Fire!" to Tim, who quickly handed me a naked Clive and ran outside. I ran  to the living room and sat down naked Clive and ran outside with Tim who was screaming “where the hell is the water hose?”. That’s when I remembered the water hose had been moved into the front yard to water the one of the trees out front. Luckily we had another water hose in the backyard, but it was not hooked up. So Tim had to hook up the water hose (which was right next to the fire) and the flames were at this point about 5 feet tall. He then turned it on and put out the fire.  We sat there stunned and didn't really say anything until Tim looked at me and said “What the hell Jamie, where’s the water hose? We could have burned down the house!” And then I was all like “Really? You’re pissed at ME because YOU started a fire and couldn't put it out?” He dropped that subject pretty quick.

Anyways, I walked over to what I thought was a pile of ashes and stared at it, only to learn that it wasn't just a pile of ashes it was our completely melted 42 gallon black trash can as seen here in its former glory: 

And here it is after we were done with it:

 Oops! My bad! 

As far as we can tell a small spark probably jumped out of the ashes and into the trash can, which was 
sitting near the grill because Tim was going to use it to scoop the ashes into. And that’s how we almost burned down our freakin house!

PS- On a happy note, naked Clive didn't pee on the floor, he just spit up and rolled around in it. I don’t know which one is worse, but I’ll take it.

PPS- I know I didn't mention Scarlet but here's an adorable picture of her with Clive. There, now I'm no longer a bad parent... for the moment anyways.  

Clive was pushing Scarlet around in the walker 

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