Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last Day- Part 1

So today is my last day of work. It’s weird writing those words, they feel so surreal even as I type them. I never thought this day would come for some reason, at times I felt like I would die in my office, not of old age but from other stuff like going crazy, being busy beyond belief, or being bored beyond belief. Anyways it’s here now, my last day, and I’m sure a lot of people are asking “Jamie what’s next?” well truth is I have no idea (No I will not be running for President. Quit asking me!). For the first time in 8 years I have no plan, no idea what’s coming next, no idea what I will be called to ultimately do. I’m leaving because I feel called to help children, and that’s all I know. I’m stepping out in faith, and I’m terrified.

The hardest part about leaving will definitely be leaving my friends behind (I’m not going to miss working with my husband because he and I don’t really talk at work and I see him every night.  But Tim don’t get offended, just don’t ok.). Leaving the wonderful girls I work with is hard to even imagine, but I’m doing it. So as a small farewell I’m blogging about a lot of things in two parts. This is part one, as said by the title (don’t make me do ALL the work for you!).  

First and foremost is something most my readers won't get, so it's totally ok to stop reading. I mean it really is, it probably won't make sense. I'll miss: 

Getting rejected by Gladis multiple times a day

Eating lunch in Britt’s office

Playing office pranks on each other

Filing. No seriously, I will.

Getting coffee in the mornings and kicking all the guys out of the kitchen

Carrying up a billion groceries and always finding something to laugh about on the way up.

Urban Dictionary

Talking about the Bloggess

Almost denting my bosses truck and having to have Tim come and save me because Anna and I can't park to save our lives. 

Thug Anna

Worrying about getting stuck in the elevator.

My twin in inappropriateness 

Awkward birthday parties

Hacking into each others facebooks and changing the profile picture

Eating lunch together almost every single day

Twilight (stop judging us!!!)

Getting lost in the Odessa ghetto because Map Quest is trying to kill us.

Getting lost in the Midland ghetto because Map Quest didn’t kill us the first time.

Spending "special time" with Whitney

Getting knocked up at the same time (not literally at the same time, but you know what I mean)

Weeknight late movies and being exhausted the next day. 

And I'm sure that there's about a billion other things I'll miss, but most of all it comes down to the fact that I've never had a job like this. I truly love all the girls I work with and for years have been blessed to come in and work at a place like this. 

So here's to the next step, what ever that may be. I can only pray I will be half as blessed by my new job as I have been by this one. 

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