Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last Day- Part 2

Grief comes in many forms and for many reasons. The past three weeks have been difficult for many involved, but probably most for Anna and Whitney. As most of you know, we have all become very close and when I told them I was leaving they were understandably upset.

Most everyone I was close to in the office was upset, with the exception of my husband who is a robot.
This is his sad face

Anna and Whitney at first were in denial 

Then they became irate and angry, screaming out "You better not go anywhere or else!"
This is never an acceptable answer!

They even tried bargaining for me to stay. 
That's right, she's holding a handful of one dollar bills.Ballin'

When it became clear I was leaving for good they fell into a deep depression
They ate their feelings

Whitney tried to become emo

But at last, I must bid farewell. Although, they refuse to accept it, it is happening. There will be tears, no more laughter, and years of mourning my departure. This is a somber day today, the day the music died. 
Me stealing leaving with my most cherished office items. Yup that's a fake tree and old computer monitor.

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