Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom, sorry I got arrested.

Before you freak out, no I didn’t get arrested this weekend, I’m talking about the infamous time when I was 17 and got arrested. Yesterday marked the 7th year anniversary of my arrest and short lived incarceration.

It all started after my mom’s birthday party, which by the way was big! We had family, friends, people I didn’t even know, all at our house. My mom and dad let my cousin and I leave for the night to meet up with some friends, while the adults continued to hang out. We first went to a party, and no not an innocent party, one with drugs and alcohol. We didn’t feel comfortable, so we quickly left and went to this guys house who I had been on a date with once who was having a bunch of our mutual friends over to watch a boxing match (you know him as Tim, aka my husband). I had only been to his house once before and he had drove me there, so naturally I had no idea where I was going or where his house was. I found the street he lived on but I couldn’t find the house, so I called him and asked him to come out and wave me down. I made a u-turn, saw him standing on his porch, and then saw red and blue lights in my rearview mirror.  Like a good citizen I quickly pulled over and complied with the officer when he asked for my license and registration. I was pretty embarrassed that I had been pulled over and all my friends were watching from the porch three doors down (along with some nosey neighbors who had come outside), but the icing on the cake was when the officer had me exit the car and handcuffed me. Why you may ask? Well did you know that when you don’t pay a ticked within 14 days they put a warrant out for your arrest? 17 year old me found that out the hard way when I was 16 days late on paying a ticket for failure to make a complete stop at a stop sign.  I was put in the back of the cop car and hauled away to county jail, while my cousin was left on the side of the road with my car and my cell phone calling my mom to tell her what happened.

So  I arrived at the county jail, completely traumatized and bawling and pleading with the officer to let me go. I kept telling him I was an A-B student, I got good grades so that should be enough to let me go home. But it wasn’t. I was lined up against a wall, next to a gross looking lady who smelled and looked like a crack whore. We began to get processed, and that’s when I discovered I had been mistaken for the crack whore who I had been standing next to. I tried to tell them they had me mixed up with someone else, but my pleading fell on deaf ears and the warden just gave me a lecture about hanging out with people who did crack. My clothes were taken, I was told to bend over and cough, the whole nine yards!!! I was destroyed at this point. But the embarrassment didn’t stop there. I was then put in a holding cell with about five others, including the crack whore who asked me if I knew her daughter and soon fell asleep using the toilet paper as a pillow. I spent four of the longest hours of my life in that cell, praying and pleading with God for SOMEONE, ANYONE to come and rescue me. Soon my name was called and the officer told me I was leaving, my parents were here to bail me out.

I left jail that night vowing never to return and I’m proud to say I never have. Three days later Tim and I started officially dating, and his parents never held it against me that I was arrested in front of their house (thanks guys!). If it weren’t for that night, for my mom’s birthday, I truly believe Tim and I would have never started dating and I would never have the life and the beautiful children I have today. I thank God every day that he works in mysterious ways and he’s pushed me to the place I am today.

So happy birthday Mom, even though it was yesterday. That may not have been your proudest moment of me, but I’m still thankful it happened. And I promise it won’t ever happen again! 

PS- If you ever wonder where I get it from view the picture below: 

This is my baby sister. Tim found her in our playroom reading a book after dinner. My entire family had left and forgot about her and had to turn around and pick her up again. 


  1. OMG! I got arrested as a teenager based on an innocent traffic law error and confusion too! AND I was ALSO put in a holding cell with 2 crack whores! Spooky.

  2. Abby, I'm starting to think that we're secret twins or something... lol